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Smart Wiring for IP Automation


Quad Sheilded RG6



Traditional Smart wiring requires a structure of Cat6 and RG6 Cabling run around the site to various key locations from a central hub for the provision of services such as phone, television, data etc.

Smart wiring for IP only requires dual CAT6 wiring to any location where you want to watch, listen or control anything.

When selecting devices for your IP network, you should consider their compatibility with the other devices they will need to communicate with, build quality in terms of weather resistance if they are for outdoor use, bandwidth and power requirements. 

It is possible to power some devices over the CAT5 cable, and this is known as POE.  This considerably simplifies the wiring of field devices and requires the installation of either a POE switch or POE injectors if there is no POE switch.

In large sites, or where you envisage heavy traffic consider fibre optic cabling. An example would be that a client intends to run a graphics design company from home and will be moving large files around the site. 

Another example of the limitation of CAT6 only is where there the site is running a VOIP system for the provision of voice connections, this is easily achieved over a CAT6 structure - until a member of the household tries to view a movie in a remote room on a thin client from the homes media sever. 

This massive data transfer can cause the VOIP service to suffer loss of quality and possibly dropped calls. Overcome this issue by providing a larger pipe - i.e. 62.5/125 ST fibre connection between key services.  Keeping volume traffic segregated from Q.O.S. dependant traffic (like phone calls and Video) will help ensure quality of service into the future.



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