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What is IP Home Automation?

Vantage InFusion Controller
Vantage "Infusion" system - fusing proprietary
HA systems with the open world of IP

So now we have homes full of PC's.  People are installing wired and wireless data networks to link their machines to printers, other machines and the internet. The home automation industry see this as an avenue of opportunity and behold the first IP automation systems are born. 

A relay output device that sits on the homes ethernet and can be controlled by a PC or any ethernet device on or offsite for that matter.   This is swiftly followed by contact input devices, IR output devices, RS232 links - all the interfaces that have been the domain of the proprietary home automation controllers are now available with ethernet ports, and since they will interoperate with anyone, the volume goes up and the price comes down.

The older home automation vendors either adapted or died out.  Companies like AMX and Crestron were quick off the bat to provide "ethernet gateways" out to the world, companies like Vantage www.vantagecontrols.com totally revised their offerings to include ethernet connectivity as seen in their infusion product.  Companies such as Life|ware and Global Cache have based their offerings soley on the IP platform.



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